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Next time you write about Alabama and need a The Ugly, I nominate the Alabama State Constitution of 1901. An absolutely pathetic example of hate. And it is the sixth version, which has been amended over 977 times.

The introduction to the Wikipedia says enough about it.


Its major flaw was the attempt by racists to limit local authority to avoid the Blacks having any say in anything.

Alabama is the only place I k ow that has bumper stickers about the state constitution. But it looks like they are going to fix at least the overtly racist language and lack of organization but a ballot initiative this year.


So there is hope.

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South Carolina does have some AMAZING mini golf and a ton of courses.

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I'm from South Carolina myself, and went to USC for college, and the state has a very special place in my soft lefty heart. But the politics then and now will make you cry. CRY.

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For posterity - As a South Carolinian by birth, I’m compelled to speak out. SC below Alabama? OKH are you drunk? Is this a cry for help? The Grand Strand. The Low Country. The birth place of beach music. Home to some of the finest (and first) golf courses in the US. Hell its claim on Carolina style pulled pork and the Carolina Opry should be enough to push it into the top half of the States. Let alone its Georgia bookend. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

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When I first saw John Calhoun cited as the Bad for SC, I wondered what could possibly be The Ugly. Then I saw. At least the bit about the flag. Not sure Roof is representative enough of the state to be cited, though.

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