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Blue and I share the same amount of hair.

Hi there! My name is Christopher. This is my dog, Blue. We live in Washington, DC, and we are a rare breed in that neither of us is involved in politics.

If you are curious about US history and want to become a more informed citizen, you have landed in the right place.

Okay History is a passion project born to provide an educational insight into various historical subjects in a somewhat entertaining manner. I am a self-described Historical Humorist, and I’m pretty sure I made this term up. Blue agrees.

If you are wondering if you should subscribe, here’s my pitch:

I provide two posts a week for your consumption. One is on Monday, a weekly newsletter on historical events that week, followed by a specific lesson on Friday, where I usually answer readers’ questions or rank things.

In 2021, I ranked the presidents; last year, it was the States. This year, I’m tackling the amendments to the Constitution.

Still on the fence. Here are some of my favorite essays:

Maundy Morning Newsletter from Halloween last year and how much I love my neighbor’s decorations.

Here’s what I think of the Broadway star Alexander Hamilton.

I’m not a huge fan of South Carolina or Alabama.

Nor do I care for Prohibition.

Don’t take my and Blue’s word for it. Here are some reviews from three subscribers:

From Catherine Baab-Muguira, who writes Poe Can Save Your Life:

Chris’s Okay History Substack is one of my absolute favorites. His wry takes on history and rankings of presidents and states are always fun and funny, a refreshing read on Monday and Friday mornings. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Here’s what a long-time friend and subscriber ECM says:

Smart, witty, conversational, and slightly irreverent, Okay History is one of the few things I read on a regular basis that doesn’t feel like a chore.

Here’s what Anonymous thinks. She’s also my wife.

Christopher’s ranking process is infuriatingly inconsistent, arbitrary, and capricious.

I had to look up what capricious meant. She probably wouldn’t call me a Historical Humorist.

Oh, ECM is back:

Chris has a special way of educating and engaging his readers, kind of like that one cool teacher when we were all in high school.

Thank you for stopping by. Please consider joining our community and having some fun.

Sorry, ECM wants to chime in one more time:

If you’re like me and you’re finding your knowledge of American history atrophying as you continue to age away from your high school and college history classes, then Okay History is for you!

Atrophy? Okay, I gotta look that word up.

You can follow me here on Twitter, and I’m over here on Instagram.

I hope to hear from you soon, okay?

Christopher & Blue

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Historical Humorist. Top 210 History Newsletters on Substack. Would be higher, but people keep creating history newsletters.


Historical Humorist. Top 210 History Newsletters on Substack. Would be higher if people stopped creating history newsletters.