Constitution Amendment Rankings - 2023

Year three, we dive into the amendments of the Constitution. It should be fun learning about all 27 and how they shape the way we interpret the law.

Each line has a link.

Read: Introduction to Year Three

#27. 18th Amendment - Prohibition of Liquor

#26. 20th Amendment - Lame Duck Session

#25. 27th Amendment - Congress Compensation

#24. 2nd Amendment - Right to Bear Arms

#23. 11th Amendment - Restricts individuals from suing states in federal court

#22. 12th Amendment - Voting for the president and vice president

#21. 3rd Amendment - Restrictions on housing soldiers

#20. 9th Amendment - Enumerated rights retained by the people

#19. 25th Amendment - Presidential Succession

#18. 26th Amendment - The right to vote at the age of 18

#17. 16th Amendment - Income Tax is implemented

#16. 24th Amendment - The elimination of a poll tax

#15. 10th Amendment - Powers not spelled out in the Constitution should be reserved for the state.

#14. 15th Amendment - The right to vote shall not be denied based on race.

#13. 17th Amendment - The direct election of United States Senators

#12. 7th Amendment - The right to jury trials in civil cases

#11 23rd Amendment - The capital of the nation gets to participate in presidential elections

#10 21st Amendment- Repeal of the 18th Amendment

#9 22nd Amendment - Terms limits for presidents

#8 6th Amendment - The right to jury trials in criminal cases

#7 4th Amendment - The right for people to be secure in their stuff and against unreasonable searches and seizures

#6 14th Amendment - Defines citizenship, appropriation of representatives, punishment for rebels, clarifies the actions toward Civil War debt, and passes laws around these ideas

#5 19th Amendment - The right for women to vote

#4 5th Amendment - Grand Jury, Double Jeopardy, and self-incrimination protections

#3 8th Amendment - Unusual punishment

#2 13th Amendment - The end of slavery

#1 1st Amendment - Freedom of press, religion, and assembly